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Clinton Park

Washington Street, Spruce Street & Clinton Avenue


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Newspaper Articles

August 1, 1909 - Three Turtles, Two Eels in Clinton Park Fountain


From: Rider's Newark 1916

Clinton Park is a smaller park facing Lincoln Park. In the middle stands the recently erected Bronze Replica of the famous Equestrian STatue of General Bartolomeo Colleoni, the original of which, by Andrea Verrocchio, is in Venice (erected 1493).

Verrocchio died after completing the model of the statue, which was cast by a Venetian, Alessandro Leopardi, recalled for the purpose from exile because of forgery. Leopardi designed the lofty and dignified pedestal on which the statue rests, and characteristically attempted to claim the whole credit by inscribing his name on the horse's saddle. Ruskin wrote of the Colleoni: "I do not believe there is a more glorious work of sculpture existing in the world than the equestrian statue of Bartolomeo Colleoni."

The task of making the replica was entrusted to Mr. J. Massey Rhind. It is the gift of Mr. Christian W. Feigenspan, a citizen of Newark. The only other existing copy in bronze of this statue is in Paris.