Shooting Park

Before 1881

Electric Park

Memorial Day 1903 - 1912


Originally known as Shooting Park

South Orange Avenue
Between S. Munn Ave. & Devine St.

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Shooting Park Photos

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Newspaper Articles

June 19, 1881 - Shooting Park
December 28, 1902 - Shooting Park Changes
May 17, 1903 - Many Attractions at the New Shooting Park
May 24, 1903 - Pretty Nymphs of the Electric Fountain
May 31, 1903 - Opening of Electric Park
May 29. 1904 - Electric Park Opens
May 20, 1906 - Electric Park Ready for Its Season's Start
May 29, 1910 - White City for Velodrome Site
June 19, 1910 - Fire Captain was Ready when Call was Received
December 31, 1911 - Indoor Baseball Game at Electric Park Today

For years Shooting Park had fallen into disrepair and in May of 1903 Shooting Park became Electric Park. Charles A. Dunlap invested a large amount of money into the renovations. Two hundred men were employed to do the work needed for the transformation. The centerpiece of the park was a huge electric fountain, designed by Mr. Dunlap. The west side of the park, adjoining the Vailsburg Board Track had an open-air vaudeville pavilion. The entrance to the park had an imposing arch which was lit with electric lights at night. An indoor area was used for dancing and on rainy days the theatrical performances. An electric powerhouse was used to illuminate the park at night. The admission was ten cents.

The opening day saw 20,000 visitors come through the gates. They were entertained by Fay, the Dance King and McMahon, a champion high diver. George Neville and his vaudeville company provided the theatrical entertainment.

On December 31, 1911 the New York Giants met the Ironsides in an indoor baseball game. The park, in that form, lasted until 1912. Today it is the site of Vailsburg Park.