Lincoln Park

Broad Street & Clinton Avenue


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Around the turn of the century the Lincoln Park area gained prominence as a home for some of Newark's leading business and social leaders. This was an era when the affluent men of the city walked from their homes to their businesses downtown.

From: Rider's Newark 1916

At the northern angle of Lincoln Park is an Indian Group in bronze (C. B. Ives, sculptor).

This group, presented to the city in 1895. by Dr. J. Ackerman Coles, is composed of three figures, a kneeling woman, an Indian chief and a white girl in Indian dress. It illustrates an episode of Nov. 1764, following a truce made with the Indians, when a large number of the settlers, who had been captured as children, came back to their native towns. In this group a mother succeeds by a song, in awakening memories of childhood in the daughter who still clings to her Indian husband.